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Hey, hey

Like Eminem,guess who’s back?

Back at the front and still back to front

With a head full of ideas and a heart full of hope.

So, I’m ambling along, looking for the right signs,

Bright signs, signs that jump out at me, saying,

“This way!”

So, I’m ambling along, looking for the right signs,

With ears open, listening for the voice that says

“Over here!”

But it’s got to be the right way and the right voice;

There’s so much out here, in the big wide world

That tries to confuse me, disillusion me, making me feet

Stumble, stumble and trip, trip, stumble.

And then I fall over.

The voice that called “Over here!” just laughs at me and says

“You idiot! (or words to that effect) Just look where you’re going!

The voice is derisive, offending me, calling me all the names under the sun.

Getting up, I dust myself down, making sure there’s no eye contact,

Feeling utterly stupid

Hold on. Why should feel stupid?

Yes, I fell over and yes, I may have looked completely ridiculous,

But I’m no idiot.

Listen, I say to myself, everyone trips over, everyone stumbles

But it doesn’t make you an idiot!

Falling over doesn’t make you an idiot.

You’re not an idiot. The millions of people out there who stumble and trip-

They’re not idiots, they just didn’t see what was in their way,

Or maybe they did, and thought they could step over it,

Thought they could do it all themselves.

We all get like that, think we’re up to the task and it doesn’t matter if you slip up;

Try and figure out what made you fall and get it sorted.

It might happen straight away, or it might take some time,

Whatever way it happens, it’ll get sorted and you’ll be on your way again,

Looking and listening for the right signs,

The signs that lead you true and steady, the voice that speaks words of love and hope.

And you’ll be back again, just like Eminem…

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Calm, Focus,

I need this before I begin

Closing my eyes, I drift, soothed by the quietness

And wait.

Set sail on the sea of spontaneity

My hand brushes the waves that lap around me;

My skin tingles at the coolness, a shiver runs up my arm,

Almost like brain freeze.

I ask ” what do you want to say?”

Wait. Still. Patience!

I can’t hurry you; it’s all done in your time, not mine.

My fingers start to drum

“You need to slow down a bit, you know,

You need to take time to rest;

Don’t feel guilty”


After the manic day has quietened down, after dinner has been eaten,

Maybe after the washing up, get the washing on, check the tumble dryer.

Emails to be sent, things to prepare.

And when you do sit, you feel you should be doing something.

It doesn’t always seem quite right, you resting, doing nothing.

But you have to. You have to rest

So, that’s a challenge for this day.

Wait. Rest. Patience.