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It’s been a while since we spoke about anything in particular. But it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten who you are, it’s just that….I mean that…

Can you believe the time that got left behind in space,at my place at a quicker pace than we could ever have imagined. In what seemed to be another chapter, another line, you told me that you missed me, that you still hold that kiss that we shared, showing the care and devotion that never left our sides.

Don’t forget who we were; we were a team, a partnership, a way forward, never discouraged, with intention to mention that we were in love. 

That we are in love.

Messages bounce back and forward with no room for pause in the electricity, the synchronicity that pulls us together, that binds us, combines us on the road we travel, the paths we stumble on, the lanes we run along. 

Pictures of me and you are encased in the sim card of my phone, my mind and they play, a cinematic explosion of life, snapshots, music and scenery describing the intimacy of our hearts.

Beating, marching.

Ring, ring, pick up and answer. 

Then I hear your voice, recorded, held in a capsule, never changing.

Easing the time we’re apart.

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Too much pressure, filling up my head with so much that doesn’t need to be there. So much dross, rubbish, careless trash thrown at me, pouring, grabbing searing pain and it drops like rain; drop, drop, drop until my head can’t take anymore.

See, I’m on the floor waiting for your breakthrough, waiting, passionately crying, frustrated at the greed, the need to cause pain as a source of gain; and the world goes insane again & again.

No more of this; this isn’t welcomed, this isn’t taken into our hearts; all it does is to part soul from bones, bones that groan, that slide into the divide of nothingness.

Yet not to be discouraged by what is happening; to be discouraged as you want to know more, love more, serve more, waiting for fresh revelation, one that not only frees the nation but frees my spirit, cos I’m in it to win it.

So come on, break through, break through so that I can move, think, talk, laugh, love, not in spite of life but because of it.

Plant in dried cracked mud

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What you think you value and what you actually feel doesn’t always hit the mark, express what’s truly real as  your heart skips a beat when you look and see the effect that you have, the extent of the plea as you ask yourself what’s making you live, what’s making you laugh, what’s making you give.

Yes, you give what you can, maybe even more, from the chats on the phone, or the dance on the floor with the framily you love, the ones you adore, the ones who make your heart soar.

When they say the best things in life are free, it’s true, on the head, bout you and me cos I can’t always see what’s in the distance but you bring it all into clear perception.  And when I try to run when I should be walking, you don’t put me down, do all the talking. You listen, really listen to my inmost doubts, then with a crystal clear voice that shatters the darkness you say “let’s walk together, just you and I ” and with your hand in my hand you explain how much you love me, even when I feel unloveable, tell me that I’m precious, that I’m part of your family. Tell me that I’ll never be lonely, never cast aside, never left to rot, never pushed outside.

Why’s that? You value my every breath, you know the stars in the sky and the hairs on my head. You know me inside out and upside-down; I’m your beloved, and you give me a crown of beauty not ashes, give me joy not sadness; I’m your rose of Sharon, I’m your everlasting love.

What you see in me is what I can’t see; what you love about me is all and everything and you value me above it all, yes, you value me so much you gave your life away so that I could be free, rid of shame, rid of guilt, rid of my selfish ambition; now my position is one of truly honoured, highly exalted.

More than oxygen, more than the amassed riches of the world, more than chocolate, more and more and then times by a billion.

You love

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See Me

See me, see who I am.
Not what I was but what I can be.

And the beat of your heart steeps me in love. It’s the love that never dies, never lies, no compromise, I’m not tied to you but I hold onto you. Because I want to.

Because you see me, see what I can be and my life doesn’t mystify or make you turn your face away from me.

In reality, you chose me, you looked at me and saw me. You saw beauty, beauty behind the insanity, selfish ambition me, saw the whole and the breadth and the unique me.
You saw me and you said “You mean everything to me. Even more than that, you are gorgeous, your smile lights my heart up, makes me hold you close, wrap you in my arms for eternity.  And even eternity with you would be too short because I am absolutely, head over heels, foot poppingly in love with you.

You saw me. You saw me.

You. Saw. Me.

When I first heard what you thought, when you saw past the dirt, the dust, the stuff that I can hide from everyone else. You saw all that and still, and still the words tripped from your mouth. No, not tripped. They poured, like honey, like wine, like a river of chocolate; not sickly sweet or cloying, but they flowed and ebbed at my feet.

I knelt down, embarrassed, trying to hide.

You couldn’t mean it, the words you said messed with my head but instead of being condescending with tender hands you lifted me. The thought struck me- why me- why hold my hands when all the land was full to the brim of more nobler kind, the people who made it their aim to live like saints with no seeming taint to marr their skin. I’m not akin to them, in fact we couldn’t be more further apart; their start in life set them where they are now; how could I be like them.
No, you said, that’s not how it works, not how I work. No-one, however hard they try, will ever come close to who you are.

You saw me.

You see me.

You love me.