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“One more slice my dear?” My stomach grumbled, though it could’ve been just a warning sign for me to refuse. But my host, so generous in her portions, was legendary for her delici…

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Daily Prompt: Shiver

via Daily Prompt: Shiver

Shiver. Too cold for comfort, even with your arms around me.

Contemplate the feeling of wholeness, warmth, consolation,

No separation from you or who you are.

Shiver. Not a time to ponder what might have been.

Consequently, I’m moved by your devotion, your intention

To bring me back to where I believed it could not go wrong.

Shiver. The one that got away, with time to play on my affections,

Blundering in, no remorse just a course set straight and true

Through my heart with no comeback, no apology.

Shiver. Relief fills my bones, my veins, my every breath

When I’m reminded of what could’ve been, the unseen dangers

Of an open road without you.

And when I’m here, in your embrace, in the closeness of your heart

I shiver with anticipation at what’s to be.


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Like a huge blanket, you wrap me, warm, snug.

Protecting me, but also giving me time to re-couperate

So that I’m stronger, wiser.

Whenever I need that embrace, you’re there.

But you remind me that you’re with me wherever, whenever.

Standing on top of the O2 arena or the nearest wall,

With my heart in my mouth,

You are there.

Screaming silently with pain and anger,

You are there.

Sitting, half asleep, with a cup of tea,

You are there.

Dreaming, half awake, with my alarm blazing,

You are there.

Wiping my tears,

Holding my hand,

You are there.

Cheering me on, telling me “don’t give up!”

You are there.

Every time, every season, every cloud, every starburst.

You are there.

Every. Single. Time.Helping-Hand

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Words and promises

You say that you’re for me, but how far would you go

To show me you’re serious, to show me that you mean business?

Give it all up? No way, you couldn’t do that

Why? Because it’s all to precious to you

And you wouldn’t understand my life, even if I explained it to you.

You wouldn’t want to know, you’d find a way to make it better with

Pie crust promises and empty meanings.

Who do you speak for? Not me, that’s for sure

With you “Let’s do this together”

Really? Honestly? Hand on heart?

No, fingers crossed behind your back instead.

And I can’t bear it, knowing the pain that will be felt

Long after this day has drawn to a close.

Anguish, heartache, a sense of utter loss,

The feeling of contempt levied at anyone who doesn’t agree

With what is said or done, because they “don’t understand”

When it’s “all for the greater good”

Well, I, for one, am saddened, am lost for words

When you have plenty to throw about.

You have a lot to prove; your actions will speak louder than your words

And, if this democratic nation of ours truly believes

That this is the only way, I cannot argue with them

But will say I’ll wait and see what changes come.

For now, I cannot hear it again and again

Like sour milk in my coffee, I shudder.

There’s only so much sour milk I’ll be able to drink…

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