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Look Up

Though you try to denigrate, there’s no room to negotiate.

I know you will try to make me subjugate to what you want me to do.

I haven’t got the time for this, for this rubbish, this nonsense. And I’m in no need of your questions as you ration my words, trying to stop my words.

Yes, your words make me tremble, and I start to crumble underneath the weight of your whispered intonations.  But these insidious comments are now well documented, annotated inside my mind.

Yes, you make me cry, wonder why.

Look Up.

So much I want to say but I trip over the stream of words.

Look Up.

You’re never too small or insignificant- remember?

The most weakest tribe was recognised.

Look Up.

Hold onto your heart, hold onto to what I’ve already promised. Stand on the Rock, stand on the one thing that can’t move, though the sea rages with its furious waves, though the rain lashes down, pummeling,boring in,though the storm clouds are their blackest, when even darkness has no limits.

Hold onto your heart.

As the crocus and the tulip, who speak of majesty and joy, stand firmly rooted and are not ashamed of their beauty,look and be blessed.  Be still in your peace, be grounded in enduring love.  The radiant kalediscope is not marred by the wind or rain; the petals may fold in, but they do not stop being beautiful.

Look Up.

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If I could truly understand what mercy meant,

I’d be so much better at it.

How do I show mercy?

How do I react to random questions, or to people who are so different from me?

Let me think.

Mercy is about love, about grace.

What’s love about? Mercy.

And mercy means sticking by someone, not berating people who have a different opinion from you.

It means helping, it means encouraging, it means baking a cake, making a meal, phoning, stopping by to say “Hi”, it means not letting language be a barrier.

It means putting all your differences aside and loving, even when it’s too hard to love, when it’s easier to hate.

When we learn to live merciful lives and not “I want everything yesterday” lives, lives that are greedy, full of me, me, me, then we might get somewhere.

Mercy is true, compassionate, understanding, more than tolerant, and full to the brim with love.

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Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

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I am not defined by the way you try to hammer me into shape.

My life is worth far more than you will ever understand, so please understand this.  However much you try to bludgeon me with your interpretation of how my life is going, of how good I am, my worth, my self, I have something to tell you.

I haven’t given you permission to do so; in no way shape or form have I given you any authority over who I am.  You can’t press gang me into your mould.  I do not belong to you.  I belong to another.

With your subtle words that seem quite harmless, you indicate that I am cannot be who I am.

Give it your best shot, cos I ain’t going no where.

This time it’s serious.

I am not a pre-owned toy that you can bite on when it takes your fancy.  You can’t keep picking me up and flinging me around.

I’m pre-loved.  I am loved before the dawn of time.  I am loved with a supernatural, never ending, eternal, three stranded cord love.

I am reminded that I need to stand up, stand tall, hold my head high. I know you’ll keep trying with your lying to impart words that are empty, seemingly nonchalant but in reality packed full of deception.

You know what, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  But one thing I am sure of is this. More than one thing, to be precise.  In fact, you’ll lose count when you seem them.  A torrent, a fast flowing river of delight and fruitfulness that will blow your socks off.  Blessing upon blessing pouring into my life, declaring me to be a force to be reckoned with.

Hermia took it as a slight, but I take it in pride “And though she be but little, she is fierce”

Watch me roar.