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Calm, Focus,

I need this before I begin

Closing my eyes, I drift, soothed by the quietness

And wait.

Set sail on the sea of spontaneity

My hand brushes the waves that lap around me;

My skin tingles at the coolness, a shiver runs up my arm,

Almost like brain freeze.

I ask ” what do you want to say?”

Wait. Still. Patience!

I can’t hurry you; it’s all done in your time, not mine.

My fingers start to drum

“You need to slow down a bit, you know,

You need to take time to rest;

Don’t feel guilty”


After the manic day has quietened down, after dinner has been eaten,

Maybe after the washing up, get the washing on, check the tumble dryer.

Emails to be sent, things to prepare.

And when you do sit, you feel you should be doing something.

It doesn’t always seem quite right, you resting, doing nothing.

But you have to. You have to rest

So, that’s a challenge for this day.

Wait. Rest. Patience.


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Neurons darting, pulsing, resonating

Colliding inside my head,

Like a pinball machine on full tilt.

Lights flash, numbers whirl and mount

Bells and whistles,

Weeds and thistles

Growing, without permission.

Where’s the sense, the understanding?

The hows, the whys, the whens?

Logic is replaced by searching for truth beyond reason

A love for all seasons that does not fade away.

The fragility of every day weighs heavily,

For we know that this day is full of unexpected moments.

Yet, in that weight, there is a lightness,

Undefined by it’s very being.

Love, given, without measure, in all its fullness,

Brings an ease to the clamour, an ease to the burdens,

An ease to the soul.


Begin the beginning

So, this is me in daily poetry

What’s up, what’s down, what’s spinning round my head

Displayed, on view, at your disposal

Ready for you to read, or to discard,

It’s up to you.

Use the words as you wish.

Maybe they’ll inspire, encourage, deter

But, above all this, let them shed light on things

That trouble or  bring peace.

This, being my first, sums up my reason

For writing.

To make head space, to clean and renew

To make room for thoughts, imagination, ideas, prayers.

So, here is me, unabridged, and waiting for the next moment of inspiration…

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