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Mark Her Passing

Mark her passing with tears.

A thin veil to cover weeping eyes

And a heart that cannot comprehend.


Mark her passing with questions.

Questions that earnestly seek to find a resolution

In a tarnished world.


Mark her passing with light.

Find the brightest light and focus its sharp beam

On the deep and dark recesses.


Mark her passing with hope.

In this fragile place, unite and work to demonstrate

With such passion that none can doubt your integrity and truth.


Mark her passing with love.

Dissipate and diffuse with everyday acts of kindness and humility.


And in our prayers, in our words

Mark each day as a day in which we can

Embrace, hold close, love strongly,

Work devotedly and live humbly.


Mark this day as the beginning, not the end.

Mark this day, walking forward, not divided

But drawn together

By that which unites us.




There's always stuff in life we're not sure of. I'm thankful , and eternally grateful, to have a love for God. Yes, I've put my life, my family, my everyday existence, into God's more than capable hands. Some would say I'm mad, some would pooh pooh the idea... As General Melchett once remarked in Blackadder Goes Forth.."You know, if there's one thing I've learnt from being in the Army, it's never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major, who got pooh-poohed, made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh. He pooh-poohed it! Fatal error! 'Cos it turned out all along that the soldier who pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs. In the end, we had to disband the regiment. Morale totally destroyed... by pooh-pooh!" So, have a read, have a think. I don't have all the answers, but I know a man who has ;-)

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