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Boom, and I’m back.

Did ya miss me?

Boom, here’s the news, and I’m sure

You wouldn’t miss it for the world.

But did I see you turn away, never say

The words on the tip of your tongue?

Couldn’t stay, remain, go back two steps

When I need to leap ahead.

Open arms embrace, hearts speak volumes

With a single touch.

But did I see you watch, then move your face

From what you saw?

Freeze frame, retract, dispatch the cobwebs

Blow them from the rooms that stand still

In time, deny, supply your dreams with a quality

Of life that blooms, exploring scenes you’ve never seen.

Cos the love that’s there will die if it’s not held.

Emotions need their time, sunlight, to thrive

Be part of who we really are.

Don’t let it all fade away, dissipate, drain

The colours from your view.

There is so much more, I know, that you have to find,

Rewind the clock, give back the love and don’t

Hold yourself so tight, for when there’s care

You stand a better chance of living in truth.

Please stretch your hand out , let it clasp the

Ones that you don’t know so well and breathe

In the mighty power, the living waters, the cool refreshing breeze.

Wrap yourself in it, immerse yourself in gentle humility and,

By degrees, you’ll grow, stand strong, be counted for

The one true love we share.

What ya waitin’ for?

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There's always stuff in life we're not sure of. I'm thankful , and eternally grateful, to have a love for God. Yes, I've put my life, my family, my everyday existence, into God's more than capable hands. Some would say I'm mad, some would pooh pooh the idea... As General Melchett once remarked in Blackadder Goes Forth.."You know, if there's one thing I've learnt from being in the Army, it's never ignore a pooh-pooh. I knew a Major, who got pooh-poohed, made the mistake of ignoring the pooh-pooh. He pooh-poohed it! Fatal error! 'Cos it turned out all along that the soldier who pooh-poohed him had been pooh-poohing a lot of other officers who pooh-poohed their pooh-poohs. In the end, we had to disband the regiment. Morale totally destroyed... by pooh-pooh!" So, have a read, have a think. I don't have all the answers, but I know a man who has ;-)

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